Programming Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) .NET Sample Chapter Part II

September 17, 2007 19:10 by garrymc

Here is the next Chapter of the book which is the second part of the WMI Chapter. This Chapter explains how to manipulate class instances and asynchronous processing. Also covered is how you can add WMI support to your own applications which is surprisingly easy but can be quite useful, including exposing application data and how to raise events from your application.

Next week I’ll release the Chapters on Microsoft Message Queues. Feel free to leave any feedback about what you thought about the Chapter. I’ll also be blogging about some things I’ve been working on more recently over the next week or so too.

To give you an idea of the chapters contents here's the table of contents.

Chapter Table of Contents

Manipulating Class Instances.

Modifying Instances.

Deleting Instances.

Writing Data Asynchronously.

Reading Data Asynchronously.


.NET Classes.

Adding WMI Support

Instrumenting Your Applications.

.NET Classes.

Exposing Data.

Exposing Events.

WMI Server Explorer Extensions.

Strongly Typed Classes.

Management Events.




CHAPTER 3 - WMI II.pdf (549.35 kb)

Chapter 2 & 3 - WMI (215.96 kb)

Book Table of Contents

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