Programming Microsoft Message Queues (MSMQ) in .NET Book Chapters

October 9, 2007 19:11 by garrymc

Here is Chapters 4 & 5 of the book I never got around to publishing. The chapters cover MSMQ in a fair amount of depth, but remember whole books have been written on this subject. So don’t expect it to be some type of bible. Having said that, if you don’t need to be a guru then these Chapters will give you more than enough knowledge to start working with MSMQ and also explain why it’s a good fit for a particular situation. I’ve included the table of contents so you’ll have an idea of what’s being covered. If you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment!

Chapter 4 Contents

Message Queues 101.

A Simple Analogy.

The Mechanics.

Types of Queues.

Why use Message Queues?.

What are my Options?.

Choosing the correct option.





Acknowledgements, Time Outs, Journaling and Dead-letters.

Queued Components.

MSMQ Triggers.

Installing MSMQ.

MessageQueue Object

Queue to connect


Simple Method.

Example 1a – Sending a Text Message (Hand coding)

Example 1b – Sending a Text Message (IDE)

Complex Method.

Example 2 – Sending an Object

Example 3 – Recoverable Messages.


Example 4 – Message Monitor

Static Methods.



Chapter 5 Contents

Using Transactions.

Internal Transactions.

Example 5 – Sending a Transactional Message.

External Transactions.

Using COM+ for DTC Support

Using COM+ to update a Database.

Example 5c – Creating a DTC enabled Message receiver

Acknowledgements, Time outs and Journaling.


Example 6a – Setting Acknowledgements.

Example 6b – Receiving Acknowledgements.

Example 6c – Receiving Messages.


Example 7 – Timeouts.

Journaling & Dead-letters.

Example 8a – Keeping copies of received messages.

Example 8b – Keeping copies of sent messages.

Example 8c Receiving messages from Public Queues.

Example 8d – Resending a Timed out message.





CHAPTER 4 - Message Queues.pdf (627.48 kb)

CHAPTER 5 - Message Queues II.pdf (503.01 kb)

MSMQ (170.97 kb)

Book Table of Contents

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