Programming Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) .NET Sample Chapter Part I

September 10, 2007 21:36 by garrymc

Here is the first chapter that I'll be publishing. Its about WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), which is a subject that is not particularly well known. Some call it Microsofts best kept secret, because with WMI you can get access to information that would typically be difficult or impossible to get otherwise. WMI is such an important technology (for certain applications) that all the chapters I'll be presenting have a WMI section which explain how to exploit WMI for that area. Now, its important to have a good understanding of this technology before you can work out how to apply it in numerious ways. This is the first of two chapters which deal with WMI specifically and will give you a very good understanding of the technology.

Feel free to leave comments, with the disclaimer in mind :)

Disclaimer: The book chapter presented is still in a draft state and as such is provided as is without any implied or otherwise warranty for purpose or accuracy. More...

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