New promo video for ezyTip

October 16, 2010 23:24 by garrymc

promovideoThe original promo video I did was kinda crap so I spent a few nights trying to do something a little more polished and interesting, and I think the results are fairly good. For those interested in doing a similar type of promo for your Apps, here’s the technique I used.

  • Write your basic script with timings, I tried to make all descriptions to be on screen for at least 4 seconds to allow time for the viewer to read them.
  • Use a screen capture program such as Expression Encoder screen capture and run through your script as you use your application in the emulator.
  • Using blend create a single storyboard and create your animations tying the storyboard timeline to your videos timeline. You can embed your video as a media element. You won’t get the video to run in preview mode in blend, so have it running in Windows Media player to sync the timelines.
  • Then run the Blend App (I used a SL App) and again use your screen capture program. Then if you used Expression Encoders screen capture send it to Expression Encoder and encode for YouTube.

That’s the basic steps I used to create the video and it took me a while to settle on this technique having first tried Power Point and other more complex Silverlight options, but this one seems quite easy to use and provides a huge amount of powerful flexibility.

I’ll be doing another one when I’m ready to release my next App which should appeal to a much wider audience than the ezyTip Application.

Oh the final result can be found here: ezyTip for Windows Phone 7

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